Candidate Articles & Endorsements

Michael Byrne Endorsement, 30-year veteran of BOE

“Basking Ridge helping Basking Ridge” Group Endorsement

Larry Rascio Candidate Statement

Debbie Marcus Candidate Statement

Erin Weber Candidate Statement

TapInto Closing Statement

Patch Q&A: Larry Rascio

Patch Q&A: Debbie Marcus

TapInto Week 4 Questions

TapInto Week 3 Questions

TapInto Week 2 Questions

Improving access at Ridge High School

Why I am running: Larry Rascio

Why I am running: Debbie Marcus

Securing Kids Education Press Release

Letter from Dorothy D

Letter from John P

Letter from Michael D

Letter from Jane K

Letter from Victoria C

Letter from Iwan J

Letter from Nick X

Letter from Ann L

Letter from Lauren C

Letter from Sherry N

Letter from Stella P

Letter from Nancy S

Letter from Lauren L

Mandarin Info Card

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